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Welcome to the Claim-A-Road commmunity! You can claim ANY ROAD, past or present, for yourself.

Freeways, residential streets, scenic highways, business routes, roads with weird names, whatever...... take your pick!


1. Only members of the community may make claims. Leave the community and you lose your claim. You are not required to keep this community on your friends list.

2. You may claim ANY TWO roads per calendar year. If you promote this community in your LJ user info (profile), you are entitled (one time only, not every year) to two additional claims which can be used at any time.

3. You may select any road or stretch of road, past or present, fact or fiction. No two users can claim the same road or stretch of road. If you wish to select only a stretch of road, you must specify which stretch you wish to claim. (Example: "I claim Interstate 70 from Interstate 15 to the Colorado-Nebraska border.")

4. If you claim a "route" which covers more than one road, it counts as one road, as long as it is officially recognized somewhere as a single route. You may claim an intersection (counting it as one claim), but not two intersecting streets (unless you count them for two claims).

5. Questions? Ask the moderator, mmmmjournal. I will keep a public list of the claims.

CLAIMS TO DATE: (last updated 09/20/04)

_s_h_l_e_e_ claimed Route 67 from Seymour, CT through Southbury, CT - August 11th, 2004.
_s_h_l_e_e_ claimed Interstate 95 from St. Augustine, FL through Daytona Beach, FL - August 11th, 2004.
_unrehearsed claimed U.S. Highway 101 from Paso Robles, CA to I-880 in Oakland, CA - September 20th, 2004.
9minute_romance claimed Interstate 215 Nevada in its entirety, Las Vegas, Nevada - May 1st, 2004.
allisino claimed Twombly Rd. in northern Illinois - January 5th, 2004.
allisino claimed Yackley Rd. west of Joliet, IL - January 5th, 2004.
amplifiedmouse claimed Romine Rd. in Anderson, IN - August 3rd, 2004.
another_day claimed Bonny Doon Rd. in Bonny Doon, CA - July 16th, 2004.
anspaug4 claimed Mt. Hope Road in East Lansing, MI from Hagadorn Rd. to Harrison Rd. - March 14th, 2004.
anspaug4 claimed Schillerstrasse in Mayen, Germany - March 14th, 2004.
ashbdash claimed Lee Highway from Sycamore St. to George Mason Drive in Arlington, Virginia - May 25th, 2004.
ashbdash claimed Washington Blvd. from Sycamore St. to Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, Virginia - May 25th, 2004.
bacardi_girl claimed Las Vegas Blvd. (including The Strip) in Las Vegas, NV - April 1st, 2004.
bacardi_girl claimed Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA - April 1st, 2004.
bitterpotato claimed CA SR-46 from I-5 to the Pacific Coast Highway - November 1st, 2003.
bitterpotato claimed Interstate 205 in Northern California - November 1st, 2003.
boy_asunder claimed U.S. Highway 101 from Los Angeles, CA to the Oregon border - October 29th, 2003.
brusse claimed Highway E6 from Moss, Norway to the Uddevalla bridge in Sweden - February 3rd, 2004.
brusse claimed Karl Johans Gate in Oslo, Norway - November 4th, 2003.
brusse claimed Österlånggatan in Stockholm, Sweden - November 4th, 2003.
busdrvndyke claimed Interstate 55 from Chicago, IL to Pevely, MO - December 25th, 2003.
cinderella_0000 claimed Broadway in New York City - Augsut 3rd, 2005
contre_moi claimed the Champs Élysée from the Arche de Triomphe to the Louvre in Paris, France - December 26th, 2003.
contre_moi claimed Rue Rue de la Hochette in Paris, France - December 26th, 2003.
crazylace01 claimed the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90) from Syracuse to Buffalo, NY - March 9th, 2004.
crazylace01 claimed the M-59 from Chesterfield Township, MI to Pontiac, MI - March 9th, 2004.
damaddhatta claimed Oregon State Highway 97 from the Sunriver turnoff to Redmond, OR - August 3rd, 2004.
deadkerouac claimed California State Route 54 in San Diego, CA - October 29th, 2003.
departure_time claimed the Alaska Marine Highway (aquatic) from Seattle, WA to the Aleutian Islands, AK - September 11th, 2004.
departure_time claimed the county route 601 in Somerset County, NJ - July 13th, 2005
di5co_5teve claimed US Highway 550 (The San Juan Skyway)from Durango, CO to Grand Junction, CO - April 1st, 2004.
ditzydeltadawn claimed Missouri SR-76 from Branson, MO to its end near the Oklahoma border - October 30th, 2003.
ditzydeltadawn claimed Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC - October 30th, 2003.
dlkereluk claimed the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1, Southern Route) in its entirety from St. John's, Newfoundland to Victoria, BC - January 2nd, 2004.
duckamuck claimed the interchange of Interstates 105 and 405 in El Segundo, CA - October 29th, 2003.
duckamuck claimed Main Street in Santa Monica, CA - October 29th, 2003.
eriktrips claimed Essex Road from Interstate 40 to to the Providence Mountains in the Mojave National Preserve in California - January 3rd, 2004.
eriktrips claimed North Shore Road on Lake Quinault, WA from U.S. 101 to the North Fork trailhead - January 3rd, 2004.
fflo claimed Interstate 70 from Kaufmann Stadium in Kansas City, MO to Kansas State Highway 177 - May 25th, 2004.
fflo claimed Interstate 395 from the I-95 to Baltimore, MD - May 25th, 2004.
fullerton claimed Historic Route 66 from Needles, CA to Santa Monica, CA - October 29th, 2003.
fullerton claimed Interstate 10 from Baton Rouge, LA to the Pacific Coast Highway (CA State Route 1) - October 29th, 2003.
gambit claimed Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA - May 31st, 2004.
gambit claimed TCH 104 from Antigonish to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada - May 31st, 2004.
gcat claimed Zzyzx Road off Interstate 15 in the California desert - November 3rd, 2003.
gcat claimed Butt Hole Road in Conisbrough, England - November 7th, 2003.
gcat claimed the fictional (or maybe all too real?) Highway to Hell - April 11, 2004.
gcat claimed the curviest road in the world, Lombard Street in San Francisco, CA - April 11, 2004.
hersch claimed the remaining sections of CA SR-1, including all portions not previously claimed by marquiswildbill - January 17th, 2004.
highway61poet claimed U.S. Highway 61 from New Orleans, LA to its end in Grand Portage, MN - December 3rd, 2003.
jasminia claimed the Tamiami Trail (also known as US-41) in its entirety from Lake City, FL to Miami, FL - April 21, 2004.
kaliuh claimed Bear Creek Road in California - June 14th, 2005
kaliuh claimed Fashion Island Blvd in California - June 27th, 2005
kitrin claimed Big Beaver Road in southeastern Michigan - January 3rd, 2003.
halfempty claimed Newport Avenue in San Diego, CA - October 31st, 2003.
halfempty claimed 5th Avenue in San Diego, CA - October 31st, 2003.
kyroraz claimed AZ SR-51 from the I-10/202 interchange to the 101 Connector in Phoenix, AZ - January 22nd, 2004.
kyroraz claimed Interstate 17 in its entirety from I-10 exit 194 in Phoenix, AZ to Flagstaff - May 25th, 2004.
main_st_wizard claimed Interstate 80 from the George Washington Bridge to San Francisco, CA - April 4th, 2004.
marris claimed Interstate 35 between San Antonio and Denton, TX (including 35E and 35W) - May 22nd, 2004.
marris claimed B.C. 99 (the Sea to Sky Highway) from the US/Canadian border to Whistler, British Columbia - May 22nd, 2004.
marquiswildbill claimed the entire length of Interstate 95 - October 31st, 2003.
marquiswildbill claimed Mt. Lucas Rd. in Princeton, NJ - October 31st, 2003.
marquiswildbill claimed CA SR-1 in Monterey County, CA - November 3rd, 2003.
marquiswildbill claimed Die Nurburgring in Germany - November 12th, 2003.
meganbnl claimed Estero Blvd. on Estero Island, FL - August 24th, 2004.
heardtheworld claimed Studebaker Rd. somewhere in California - January 5th, 2004. *** Moderator's note: WHICH Studebaker Road in California? There's more than one.
mmmmjournal claimed Interstate 15 from San Diego, CA to Salt Lake City, UT - October 29th, 2003.
mmmmjournal claimed Interstate H-1 on the island of O'ahu - November 6th, 2003.
mmmmjournal claimed Interstate 8 from College Ave. in San Diego to its eastern terminus at I-10 in Arizona - December 14th, 2003.
onyxbutterfly claimed U.S. Highway 101 from Hoodsport, WA to its eastern terminus at I-5 in Olympia, WA - August 1, 2004.
onyxbutterfly claimed Washington State Highway 3 from Shelton, WA to Bremerton, WA - August 1, 2004.
paksenarrion2 claimed Interstate 87 between Glen Falls, NY and the Canadian border - May 21st, 2004.
psuedomeat claimed the Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire - August 25th, 2004.
ralenth claimed Fourth Avenue in Tucson, Arizona - November 19th, 2003.
retention claimed Interstate 8 from College Avenue to its western terminus in San Diego, CA - October 31st, 2003.
retention claimed Interstate 805 from University Avenue to the northern merge with I-5 in San Diego, CA - October 31st, 2003.
retention claimed the entire length of Interstate 5, from Mexico to Canada - October 31st, 2003.
retention claimed Rte. 60 in Pennsylvania - October 31st, 2003.
runerspad claimed Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta from 99th St. to 109th St. - December 14th, 2003.
shellybobelly claimed Interstate 10 from Baton Rouge, LA to Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, FL - November 6th, 2003.
shellybobelly claimed Interstate 75 in its entirety - December 4th, 2003.
slucifer claimed Free Love Lane in Jemez Springs, NM - January 8th, 2004.
slucifer claimed The Red Road in Hawai'i - January 19th, 2004.
snw414 claimed Clemson Road in Columbia, SC - December 21st, 2003.
snw414 claimed Road 40 in Baltimore, MD - December 21st, 2003.
snw414 claimed Beaver Dam Court in Columbia, SC - December 21st, 2003.
snw414 claimed Sumter Lane in Columbia, SC - December 21st, 2003.
spicy_mustard claimed M-43 (Michigan) in its in entirety - December 25th, 2003.
spicy_mustard claimed U.S. Highway 12 in its entirety - December 25th, 2003.
stevenh claimed Michigan State Route M-14 in its entirety from I-94 to I-275 - August 21st, 2004.
sweet_november claimed Interstate 94 in its entirety from Port Huron, MI to Billings, MT - December 3rd, 2003.
sweet_november claimed Danielson St. in Mukwonago, WI - December 3rd, 2003.
polardemonwolf claimed CA SR-9 in California's Santa Cruz mountains - January 30th, 2004.
u_surf_2_mch claimed Brittany Way in Atlanta, GA - June 18th, 2004.
u_surf_2_mch claimed Winged Foot Road in West Palm Beach, FL - June 18th, 2004.
vernonhardapple claimed the Peace Bridge between Buffalo, NY, USA and Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada - July 15th, 2004.
vernonhardapple claimed the Alaska-Canada "AlCan" Highway between Dawson Creek, BC, Canada to Delta Junction, Alaska, USA - July 15th, 2004.
vernonhardapple claimed the Q.E.W. between Fort Erie and Toronto, Ontario, Canada - September 10th, 2004.
vernonhardapple claimed the longest road in the world, Yonge Street between Toronto and Rainy River, Ontario, Canada - September 10th, 2004.
vidthekid claimed Interstate 670 in Ohio - February 25th, 2004.
vidthekid claimed SR-315 in Ohio - February 25th, 2004.
xymotik claimed Interstate 580 from San Rafael to the Altamont Pass in California - February 5th, 2004.
stretfordend claimed Interstate 880 from Alameda, CA to San Jose, CA - October 30th, 2003.
stretfordend claimed California SR-17 from San Jose, CA to Santa Cruz, CA - October 30th, 2003.
zyrc claimed Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park - January 2nd, 2004.
zyrc claimed U.S. Highway 50 in its entirety - Friday, January 2nd, 2004.