My 2006 Road Claims

I claim...

All of CT Route 64. It runs from I-84 in Waterbury, CT to US 6 in Woodbury, CT.


All of Country Club Rd. It runs from CT Route 188 in Middlebury, CT to Chase Parkway in Waterbury, CT.


1. All parts of Old San Jose Road (sometimes called Old Santa Cruz Highway or Old San Jose Highway), which runs parallel to Highway 17, from Soquel to San Jose, CA.

2. All parts of Kruse Ranch Road, which lies in Sonoma County, CA.
Вперед в Детство

About Great Russia - final arrangements for our expedition

Hello everybody - we are making the final arrangements for our expedition across Russia.

I’m happy to inform you that we have found the sponsor - a transport company.

So the participation charge now is determined only by your personal food and
housing expenses. You see it is almost absolutely affordable for everyone
willing to go…You can get the full information by email or view our web-site
address in my profile. 

Oh yes, almost forgotten! We are planning the Hospitality club meeting in
Moscow one of these days (May, 17-19) and there we’ll tell you more about the
So if you are in Moscow - contact me…
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