martmeldon (martmeldon) wrote in claim_a_road,

Welcome to the trip across Russia

Hello! My name is Airat.

Along with my good friend I have decided to arrange and expedition across Russia for everyone, who would like to see our country with his own eyes, visit interesting but little known places, see the beauty of nature, learn about the way of life of Russian people, have a rest in a good company and make friends along the way.

The expedition will include 16 people. We shall travel by 2 cars and start our way from St.Petersburg. Then our route will go through Karelia, the lake of Onega, the Central part of Russia, the Ural mountains, Siberia, the Altai mountains and the lake of Baikal.

We will stop at every nice little town, meet local people and just spend some time with them. Moreover - in many cities we shall be met by our good friends who will show us their place. We shall visit interesting museums and exhibitions, walk around the cities, have fun with our friends.

You can write me, or make comments 
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